Welcome to Rongdhanu Builders

Rangdhanu Builders (PVT) LTD. is one of the most supreme real estate company in Bangladesh. Customers satisfaction is our main focus. Our main view is to establish and grow high-quality commercial and residential buildings or projects. We have projects in the prime location of Dhaka city.


As a responsible real estate developer, we are concern about our customer’s satisfaction. Our success will always be measured by the gratification and the loyalty of our clients. Rangdhanu group always concern about our services and products. We realize the need to create structures having state of the art design and safety while at the same time, keeping the needs and conveniences of future inhabitants in our minds. We believe these feats are achieved through effective use of Human Resources, meticulous planning and quality materials obtained from reputed suppliers of high echelons. We ensure to develop quality residential and commercial properties with high standards and affordable prices. Yours truly is well on its way of becoming a market leader in the concerned sector. Despite the significant growth, we will stay true to our aims of building architectural wonders and stacking up client appreciation and satisfaction.


Our vision is very simple: Becoming a household name in Bangladesh and a mark of impeccable quality and assurance. To achieve our mission we have a great team with dedicated and highly skilled designers, architects, engineers, and planners.

Quality Policy

At first, we are committed to customer satisfaction by delivering quality products on time. We run an excellent info-sharing management system and communication link among our clients, construction site and corporate office.